Fight for your health care rights!
Stop discrimination now!

The U.S. system of delivering health care discriminates against a large cross-section of hard-working Americans including the middle-class. Our fragmented profit and public coverage leaves 47 million uninsured and at least 30 million underinsured.

Over 18,000 Americans DIE needlessly each year due to lack of health insurance. This is six times the number who perished on Sept. 11.

Who do we hold responsible?
The Insurance Thugs, the Drug Pushers, the Doctor Lobby, a Weak Congress and our do nothing Commander-in-Chief.

What can 78 million boomers do about this? Plenty! The ’60’s may be gone, but we’re still here and the changes we made for Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, Privacy Rights (not to mention stopping the Vietnam war) will never be forgotten.

Boomers make up the lion’s share of the political, cultural, industrial, academic and economic leadership class in the United States. We not only hate injustice, we don’t mind fighting “the man” to get things done. C’mon ~ what else do you have to do with your time, play golf?

JOIN US (no money required) in The Biggest Revolution of our Lifetime, the Right to Health Care. Bookmark this new blog and read our sister site at


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