Good op/ed by California Senator Sheila Kuehl (D-23)


“Let’s be honest. What we’ve been doing about health care in this country just isn’t working.”

“Over the last decade, our health-care “system” has become trapped in a continuous downward spiral: declining patient-care quality, unaffordable yearly jumps in premiums and reduced benefits. Insurance companies report record profits while salaries for primary-care doctors are largely frozen and hospital emergency rooms operate in the red. Every year we pay more, get less, and insurance companies make off with the difference. Our past efforts at reform are like a failed relationship that we can’t seem to let go. We give up more and more in the hope that something will change.

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“Real universal health care is demonstrably possible. SB 840 (the California Universal Healthcare Act), a bill I am carrying in the California Legislature, covers every California resident with comprehensive, affordable health benefits, and contains the growth of health-care spending while improving quality. Most importantly, it gives patients total choice of their doctors and hospital.”

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