Corporate power fuels political corruption. With Clean Elections, citizens can take back America to stop the corporate/political revolving door.

Until we can get Clean Elections in every state, we have to choose between two major parties, The Repugs who support “Big Insurance” and “Big Drugs” and The Democrats who are willing to go to the mat for health care reform. With all the corruption in the current administration, there’s no doubt we need to get a Democrat in the White House.

“The Republicans raise $10 million every month from corporate interests and lobbyists. The Democratic Party will never be able to compete in the traditional ways with a party that has abandoned the people and taken selling access and influence to a new level.

But we can do it if half a million people are giving $20 a month to change the way our political process works.”
(or one million people are giving $10/mo; two million giving just $5/mo).

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